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I've built pretty handy sites powered by Craft or WordPress in the past, but seeing @framer tackle CMS stuff so effortlessly is mind-boggling



The scroll variant in @framer hits differently. Never imaged that making some complex things would be easy with that. Everyday i learn something new with Framer.



Honestly the @framer publish time is insanely fast. Just published 2 weeks of changes in 5 seconds – like it’s almost too fast for such a big moment.



I learned how to build a website in @Framer! My goal was to learn the basic tools in about 20 minutes a day last week. Nothing fancy. No special design. Just random elements that's responsive. If I can do it, so can you!



What really stood out with Eggleads was how they managed to make everything feel tailored to us. It wasn't just the leads—they were top-notch, sure, but it was the insights that came with them. It felt like they had done their homework on every single contact, giving us the inside track on how to strike up a conversation.



I was enjoying @framer a lot but I am BLOWN AWAY by their Figma plug-in. From Auto-layout to flex-box in the browser in seconds; this has completely changed how I'll build.



Websites built on @framer look so beautiful.



I have been in a @framer rabbit hole for the past 6 hours without even noticing as time goes by — its everything I love in Figma combined with everything I love in Webflow. I am in love.



Learned some basics of @framer yesterday, and today I delivered a landing page for a client. It's so unreal how small the learning curve is from Figma to @framer. Absolutely love it.

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Get leads. Reach out. Grow.

Access over 1,000+ monthly leads. Use AI to make every message count.

1000+ leads a month, primed for AI-powered messages.

Dive into a pool of 1,000+ fresh, ready-for-action leads every month, each optimized for impactful AI personalization.

Get straight to the decision-makers with verified contacts.

Cut through the noise. Directly reach the decision-makers with verified email and LinkedIn contacts.

Always have the latest leads to keep outreach on point.

1,000+ leads are added monthly, keeping your outreach ahead with the latest data for the most personal touch.

Build Relationships

We find. We connect. You close.

Busy? Let us handle your outreach, connecting you with interested startups.

We start conversations and get leads ready for you.

We take over the outreach process, crafting and sending messages to startups on your behalf.

Talk only to startups interested in your services.

Jump in with leads showing genuine interest in your services—turn warm connections into deals.

See results in 2 weeks, perfect for busy founders.

Ready to launch in just 2 weeks, our service is designed for busy agency founders seeking results.

Pricing for every agency

Options tailored from solo freelancers to ambitious agencies.




Start with basics: monthly leads minus the deep dives and contacts.

List of 1,000+ startups monthly

Funding & Size Info

Outsourcing Needs

Get Leads



All in Free, plus AI-ready deep insights and verified contact info.

List of 1,000+ startups monthly

Funding & Size Info

Outsourcing Needs

AI-Driven Outreach

Key Decision Maker Name

Email & LinkedIn Contacts

Dedicated 1:1 Support

Build Relationships



Leave outreach to us. From crafting to conversation starting, we handle it.

Full Outreach Execution

Targeted Startup Matching

Warm Conversation Handover

Why just-funded startups?

They're ready, funded, and looking for what you can provide.

They have the funds and need your services now.

These startups have just secured funding and are actively seeking to invest in services like yours.

Fresh funding means they’re ready to start projects.

With their fresh capital, they're looking to make quick decisions and start projects right away.

Early connections lead to lasting partnerships.

Early engagement often leads to sustained collaboration as these startups grow.

What's AI-driven outreach?

Personal touch at scale with unmatched efficiency.

AI crafts messages that resonate, using insights to speak directly.

With GPT-4 and our insights, create messages that speak directly to each startup's needs.

Personalize at scale, reaching hundreds quickly.

Automate personalized outreach to hundreds of startups, crafting entire campaigns in just an hour.

More opens, replies, and meetings with targeted messaging.

With tailored, attention-grabbing outreach, increase your chances of replies and meetings, turning leads into deals.


Scaling Your Site

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CMS Examples

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